Videos and Animations



Postcards from another place and time - 2021. 

Tells stories from before, during, and after the time of an Argentine dictatorship in the late 1970s to early 1980s, using 4" x 6" paintings made for the show "More Than a Sketchbook–the Diary of an Artist" at the Arts Center of the Capital Region in Troy New York. 


Crossing Paths, 2013

Crossing Paths is made to be shown on four video screens, horizontally. Originally shown at e4c, a storefront gallery of 4CULTURE in Seattle, Washington.  Score by Jeremy Mage.  Funding for this video project was made possible by the Puffin Foundation, as well as by 4Culture.


Money Talks


Crossing Paths Sketch


Night in the Garden of Eden





Stone in the Sand